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Health & Fitness

Nomnom is the best place to share your workouts, get fitness tips and find new ways of training from people just like you.

By posting your workouts and fitness regime other people can advise you, inspire you with their tips and learn a thing or two from you.

By following real people similar to yourself rather than general fitness information not tailored to your life and needs you will feel the benefits of a fitness community - together.

Dietary needs

Nomnom is great for people with special dietary needs (diabetic, gluten free, lactose intolerant, etc) as well as people on specific diets (Paleo, vegan, raw, wheat-free) because it enables you to easily find other people on the same diet and see how they eat daily.

We can all find a handful of recipes online or a list of foods but that can be impractical and get boring quickly.

Actually seeing what other people with the same dietary need as you eat through the day can open your eyes to new ways of eating and feeling great.

We Focus on People

Your content, your needs, your answers

Be inspired by what real people do to feel great on a daily basis. Not through another recipe, calorie counting, fitness tracking app.

Find out what works for you from other people.

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